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In the following section you will learn how to import your 3D model into HEGIAS VR.

HEGIAS VR supports the vendor-independent BIM format and the most widely used 3D CAD formats for architectural, building and construction plans. A complete list of supported file formats can be found here: Supported Formats.

Importing to the HEGIAS platform

On the HEGIAS platform, select the organization you want to work in
In the organization, select the project for which you want to create a new scene
Create a new scene with the '+' button
Now select in your local file directory the file you want to import or just drag it into the popup window
For .dae, .fbx and .obj files, please make sure to include the textures as well!
Type in name and description for the scene

Then start the import, which can take several minutes depending on the filesize.

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