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Supported and Convertible Formats

In the following section you will learn which formats are supported by HEGIAS VR. Additionally, in the second section you will find a list of formats that cannot be read directly into HEGIAS VR, but can be converted accordingly by our support team for testing cases.

Supported Formates

Industry Foundation Classes (*.ifc)
The .ifc file format is a manufacturer-independent format for describing building models and objects. IFC files can contain, among other things, material names and simple color codes, but no information that is relevant for the visualization of the materials (e.g. texture, reflection). After import, the materials available in the HEGIAS library can be applied at any time.

We recommend an export in IFC 2x3 format with the standard translator CV. 2.0 for the best possible compatibility. The IFC 4 format can also be used, but there may be restrictions. Especially when merging individual IFC files, this has already led to undesirable results in the past, which is why the IFC 2x3 format is still preferred.

FBX - Filmbox (*.fbx)
Filmbox (*.fbx) is a proprietary file format for transferring 3D animation data. An .fbx file contains material descriptions and optionally texture patterns as embedded image files. If your .fbx file does not contain texture patterns, the texture patterns of the HEGIAS material library are available or you can upload the materials separately with the architectural model.

There are two different types of Filmbox file format, ASCII format and binary format. To successfully upload a file to HEGIAS, the binary format is required. If you only have an ASCII format of the Filmbox file available, you can convert it to binary format using a converter such as the Autodesk FBX Converter.

glTF - Graphics Library Binary (*.glb)
Graphics Library Binary (*.glb) is a file format developed for 3D scenes and models and is the binary form of Graphics Library Transmission Format (.glTF). It is supported by various manufacturers of 3D programs. GLB files contain material properties and texture patterns.

Collada File Format (*.dae)
Collada (*.dae) is an open exchange format between different 3D programs. A .dae file contains material descriptions and can reference textures that must be imported in separate image files along with the .dae file. After import, the materials available in the HEGIAS library can be applied at any time.

Wavefront (*.obj)
Wavefront (*.obj) is an open file format for saving three-dimensional geometric shapes. It is supported by many 3D graphics programs and is suitable for sharing 3D models across programs and platforms.
Material properties are defined in a separate material file, which can also contain information about texturing. The material file usually has the file extension *.mtl (material template library) and can be referenced in the actual .obj file.

Convertible Formats

AutoCAD Drawing (*.dwg)
AutoCAD Drawing (*.dwg) is a CAD format with two- and three-dimensional vector graphics.

AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (*.dxf)
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (*.dxf) is a CAD file format for exchanging drawing data and text-based formats between different CAD programs and is supported by several 3D programs.

SketchUp (*.skp)
SketchUp (*.skp) is the native file format of SketchUp, a 3D design program.

Rhino 3D-Model (*.3dm)
Rhino 3D Model (*.3dm) is an open source 3D model format and a native file format for Rhinoceros.

STL (Stereolithography) (*.stl)
STL (Stereolithography) (*.stl) refers to files of the Stereolithography type. An STL file consists of linked triangles that describe the surface geometry of a 3D object or model.

STEP (*.stp)
STEP (*.stp) stands for Standard for the Exchange of Product Data. The format is also known as ISO 10303 for the exchange of 3D model and 3D printing data.

ArchiCAD Project Format (*.pln)
ArchiCAD Project Format (*.pln) is a CAD program for architects and a special development for the construction industry.

Vectorworks Design File (*.vwx)
Vectorworks Design File (*.vwx) is a vector design file with 2D or 3D design created with Vectorworks CAD software.

3D Studio Scene (*.3ds)
3D Studio Scene (*.3ds) is the native format of the 3D graphics and animation program Autodesk 3D Studio.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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