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Multiuser Mode

The multiuser mode allows multiple authorized users to view a scene at the same time. All members of your organization as well as all users you have invited to walk through your scene via the Share function are authorized to access the scene.

You can use the multiuser mode both in the browser and in VR. The following article will guide you step-by-step through the preparation process for a successful multiuser session.

All participants open the same scene in the same organisation
The first step is to ensure that the users have access to the relevant scene. There are three starting points for this:
If the other users do not belong to your organization, create a share link or a share ID for your scene and invite the other users to the scene that way.
If the other users belong to your organization, they already have access to the scene you want to view together. Therefore, all participants individually select the same scene in the organization. This is possible in the web browser as well as in VR.
If you want the other users to have access to all your projects and VR objects in the future, you can invite them to your organization.

Multiuser-Modus in der VR-Brille

Select the Multiuser symbol (1) on the virtual tablet (left controller) and then click on Start Multiuser (2).

End the multiuser session by exiting the scene or with the End Multiuser button on the virtual tablet.

Multiuser-Modus im Web-Browser

In the 3D view, click on the Select device button and then on This browser. If you still need to give the browser access to the microphone, confirm the request.

In the browser, end the multiuser session by exiting the scene or with the Exit button in the 3D view.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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