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Set up BIMcollab for BCF Issues Management

In the following section, you will learn how to link your HEGIAS account to BIMcollab so that you can then create BCF Issues directly from the VR headset and manage them via BIMcollab.

1. Prepare BIMcollab

A BIMcollab account is required for the creation and maintenance of BCF Issues.

1a) I already work with BIMcollab

Skip to step "2. Connect HEGIAS with BIMcollab".

1b) I am not working with BIMcollab yet.

If you are not yet working with BIMcollab, this link can be used: to create an account for free. After creating a BIMcollab account, a first project must be created. Tip: For an introduction to BIMcollab, there is a "Get Started" button at the bottom right or the BIMcollab Helpcenter.

2. Connect HEGIAS with BIMcollab

Remember the part of the URL before "" (like "hegias" in the example below):

Go to the HEGIAS website at to log in with your HEGIAS account and choose a project in your organisation. On the left side you can connect to your BIMcollab account by entering the URL mentioned before and clicking on "Connect". Please note that only the roles "Owner" and "Admin" can set up this connection. Users with other roles can use a connection previously created by an admin and then log in with their personal BIMcollab account.

You will then be asked for your BIMcollab login, which you must use to give HEGIAS VR access to your BCF issues:

The next step is to select the newly created BIMcollab project from the dropdown menu:

As a last step you can take off the VR headset and make sure that the HEGIAS App is up to date (at least "2023.04.03.189") and then start the desired scene. The issues already created on BIMcollab are displayed directly and you can start to create new issues in VR, which are then available in BIMcollab for further processing.

View on the HEGIAS VR tablet

Tip: Here you will find the instructions for creating an issue in VR glasses and here for creating an issue in web view.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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