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Creating BCF Issues with HEGIAS.editor (Webview)

Create new BCF issues in the HEGIAS VR app, which are automatically synchronised with your BIMcollab account. Detailed instructions for linking HEGIAS and BIMcollab accounts can be found here: BIMcollab Introduction.

Open a scene that you have already created in your project folder. Once it is open, switch from the Library tab on the right to Issue Management (1). There you will find all issues that have already been created within this BIMcollab project.

Now you can manoeuvre to the appropriate place to create a new issue there. Once you have found the appropriate place with the appropriate view, you can click on the Plus Icon (2).

The second and last step is to fill in all the details of the new issue.

Tip: You want to create an issue directly in the VR goggles, but don't know how? Then take a look at the support article Creating BCF Issues in VR.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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