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Creating BCF Issues with HEGIAS.simulator (VR Headset)

Create new BCF issues in the HEGIAS VR app, which are automatically synchronised with your BIMcollab account. Detailed instructions for linking HEGIAS and BIMcollab accounts can be found here: BIMcollab Introduction.

Open your scene in the project linked to BIMcollab and click on the flag icon (🚩) on the tablet. Here you will get an overview of all issues already created and you can create a new one by clicking on "+".

Take a photo of the faulty component. You can zoom in or out and with the right trigger button you take a photo. If desired, you can also take a photo of the entire field of view.

Then you can select an issue type, set the priority, assign the issue to the right person and select various labels. To avoid having to use a keyboard in VR, the issues are numbered by default. This name can then be easily renamed on the BIMcollab website. By the way, you can also change all the default values of the multiple selections in BIMcollab.

Note: When you select an issue from the list, you automatically jump to the point where the photo was taken. Therefore, the issues are also suitable for marking points of interest.
Tip: You want to create an issue directly in the webview, but don't know how? Then take a look at the support article Creating BCF Issues in Webview.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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