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Manually optimize your model

By manually optimizing the geometry, the performance of your scene can be significantly improved. Your scene may load faster or run more smoothly in VR. Below are some aspects of your 3D model that can have an impact on the file size and performance of your scene.

These tips are aimed at advanced users who have experience with 3D drawing programs. We recommend the free open-source software Blender for optimization, but any other 3D-based modeling software can be used for this purpose.

1. Number of Polygons

Too many polygons in the scene can lead to long loading times and a stuttering image in VR. It is therefore worthwhile to reduce the number of polygons:
Delete invisible and irrelevant geometry
Delete duplicate geometry (e.g. with Merge by Distance)
Simplify existing geometry (e.g. with Decimate Modifier)
Remove or also optimize complex furniture and devices

We recommend using no more than 1,000,000 polygons per scene.

2. Materials

Too many or too large materials can also have a negative impact on the experience in VR. So only use as many materials as necessary:
Delete unused materials.
If possible only use 1 material per mesh
Group similar materials
Delete unimportant material textures
Reduce the size of material textures (maximum 512x512 to 1024x1024 pixels)

We recommend not to use more than 30 different materials.

3. Other Tips

Number of Meshes: Many small objects as single meshes increase the file size. Therefore, we recommend combining such objects into a single mesh.
Document Origin: To avoid rounding errors it is always best to move the entire model near the document origin (0,0,0).
Backface Culling: The material option Backface Culling reduces the number of polygons that need to be calculated in VR.

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Updated on: 13/02/2023

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