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HEGIAS VR - News from March 8th 2024

Update Version 2023.12.21.250

Functional Updates

The two new features are explained separately below, but are best used in combination and activated at the same time.

Show User Position

The new "Show User Position" feature was developed to enable improved orientation within a scene. It solves the problem of users having to spend a lot of time teleporting through a 3D model in order to recognize their own position. It is also helpful, for example, if you are unsure which floor you are on, or offers the option of navigating quickly and easily to other participants in a Multi-user session. This improves clarity, collaboration and communication within the model.

Recap Model View
The "Model View" icon on the tablet can be used to switch between different views. If the default settings in the user profile are active, the user starts in 1:1 view and walks through the scene. If you now want to view the 3D model from a bird's eye view, the model view offers the option of switching to a 1:10, 1:50 or even a 1:100 view. The position in the 1:1 view is saved so that you can return to the same point in the 1:1 view when you return from the model view.

The new "Show User Position" extension was developed on this basis and works as follows: The new "Show User Position" feature can now also be found in the same "Model View" tab. If this is activated with a click, the previously saved 1:1 position is made visible. This means that as a user in the model view, you can see your own position marked with a purple cone. The additional vertical beam makes the position even more clearly visible. If this function is activated in multi-user mode, not only your own position but also the position of all other participants in the model is displayed in a clear color. This has the advantage that orientation is simplified, especially in large models, making navigation easier.

Slice Model

The second feature released with the new update is called "Slice Model". With this function, the 3D models can be sliced horizontally. This allows the user to further simplify the overview within a scene by displaying the current floor in the 1:1 view in the form of a floor plan.

The initial situation is the same as with the "Show User Position" feature described above. If you are in the model view and activate the "Slice Model" function, the model is sliced directly above the 1:1 position of the avatar. The textures are deactivated and a floor plan of the floor in question becomes visible. The model is not sliced for all participants in a multi-user session, but only for one person.

Combination of the two features "Show User Position" & "Slice Model"

As already mentioned in the introduction to this product update, these two functions complement each other perfectly, but can of course also be used separately. So if a user wants to see where their position is in the sliced model, this can be displayed efficiently. Conversely, if the "Show User Position" feature is activated but you are in an eight-storey building and it is therefore difficult to assess your position, the "Slice Model" feature helps to provide a better overview.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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