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Standalone VR App: July 28, 2022

Update Version 2022.3.2.118 + Patch 2022.3.2.122

New features

Moved Teleport from 'A' Button to Right Thumbstick

To allow for additional features and to ensure an improved and more coherent user experience, we have moved the teleport function from the A button to the right thumbstick.
To teleport in VR, push the right thumbstick forward and hold it until the green circle points to your desired position. The hints on the controllers have been updated to show the updated controls:

Grab Mode

With the newly introduced Grab Mode, users can grab dynamic objects in VR scenes (using the grip buttons on the left and right controllers) and carry them around. Users can also teleport and fly while holding an object (i.e., while keeping the grip button pressed when carrying an object). Grab mode is initially on, and is available on the grip buttons of both controllers.

Push Mode

The new Push Mode allows users to push dynamic objects in scenes around, meaning to move them on the floor plane. Similar to the grab mode, the pushed object sticks to the user's right controller while the grip button remains pressed.
The Push Mode is available only on the right hand controller. Push Mode needs to be activated on the Settings page on the Tablet UI.

Vertical Movement

Using the A and B buttons on the right hand controller, the user can move vertically, up (on B) and down (on A). This form of navigation allows to reach positions well above and also below walkable surfaces.
This feature is initially off. It can be enabled through the Settings page on the Tablet UI. It is available as a stepwise movement, shifting the user up or down by 0.5m steps, or as a continuous movement, flying up and down.

Enhanced Settings Page on Tablet UI

The Settings page has been enhanced to reflect the latest changes and support the new features:


Upgrade to New Rendering Engine Version

To resolve a bug introduced by an Oculus firmware update, we had to upgrade our app to use a new patched version of our rendering engine. This provided a fix for the major issues that were introduced by the Oculus firmare update.

More Robust Download System

The Oculus firmware update also introduced problems with opening scenes (more specifically, with downloading parts of the scenes, the so-called scene assets). We have made improvements to the download system to resolve this.

Bug fixes and improvements

Fix: Missing error message on login screen
Fix: Teleporter circle should no longer show up on walls

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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