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Standalone VR App: February 17, 2022

Version 2022.3.2.77 Update

Improvements in Standalone VR app

App now available in the Meta App Lab Store

The HEGIAS VR app is now available in Meta/Oculus' public App Lab Store. So new users can find the app in the App Lab Store (search for "hegias") and install it.
Alternatively, the app can be installed on the browser via the direct link - to do this, you need to be logged in to the browser with the same Facebook/Meta account that is used in the Quest 2.

Improved model view

Several UX problems with the model view have been addressed:
When entering model view, the model now always appears in front of the user.
The bug in the handling of the pedestal under the model has been solved; now it does not appear with infinite height anymore.
The height of the pedestal is now limited to a maximum height.
Also, the ground is now transparent, allowing the user to see through the ground when parts of the model are below.

MU: Synchronized object scale

In multiuser sessions, now also the scale of objects is synchronized in real-time. Now, all participants see the objects scaled correctly.

MU: Synchronized copied objects

In multiuser sessions, now also the duplicates of objects in the scenes are synchronized, so all participants can see them and changes to them in real-time.

MU: Objects inserted during sessions are synchronized only after placement

In a multiuser session, now the objects that are inserted into the scene are synchronized only after they are placed in the scene. Up to now, they were synchronized already before, which could led to problems when the inserting user changes their mind and decides to not insert the object after all.

Automated removal of objects that fall out of reach

Now, objects that are thrown over the balcony or otherwise out of the scene's boundaries, are automatically removed when they fall out of reach. This saves memory, and is at the same time a new alternative way of intuitively removing objects from the scene.

Improved Pico 3 support

The port of the app to the Pico 3 Standalone VR headset has been improved, and is now available in their store.

Fixes in Standalone VR app

Reflections fixed

A rendering problem with reflections on objects and architecture was fixed. Now, reflections look better than before, especially on objects and architecture elements made of metal.

MU: App crash after MU disconnection fixed

So far, in certain conditions when the multiuser connection dropped, the app would crash. This is now fixed; the scene is closed and the user is put back into the lobby.

MU: Material synchronization with special geometries fixed

So far, in the case where an architectural element had just one single mesh, synchronization of the material applied to it didn't work. This is now fixed; material synchronization should now work on all scenes.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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