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Standalone VR App: June 27, 2022

Version 2022.3.2.105 Update

New features

Save Scene in VR App

The Save function becomes available after a change has been made in the scene
The Save function is also used to set the starting point of the scene to the user's current location
Succesful saving is indicated by a beep and the green save icon

Note: the save function is currently not yet available in Multiuser and during Model View.

Update of the Tablet UI

The layout of the Tablet UI was overhauled:
The overall size of the Tablet UI was increased by 15%.
The existing Home button now shows the scene info as the tablet's de-facto home page
The new, clearer Exit Scene button exits the scene
The Model View button is now on the left side of the tablet for easy access
A Settings page has been added (currently the only setting here is the behavior of the right thumbstick between Fly/Rotate modes)
The three dots menu has been moved to the right in the bottom navigation bar

Custom User Name with Share-ID

Guests can select a custom user name when accessing a scene through Share-ID.


Logged-in users can now access scenes through Share-ID as well, they then retain their access rights
A placeholder box is displayed while external objects are being downloaded to improve usability even with slow internet
Minor improvements to graphics (better reflections, fixes to the post-process effects that can be enabled in the app settings)
Model View starts by default in 1:10 scale

Bug fixes and improves

Default texture quality to high
Fixed a bug that caused a memory leak
Fixed a bug that could lead to objects not being selectable

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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