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Standalone VR App: January 15, 2023

Update Version 2023.01.10.174

Functional Updates

Language Change & Version Number on Wall UI

It is now possible to change the language and see the version number after the user is logged in. The language can be changed by clicking on the corresponding language code. The version number can be seen at the bottom right of the Wall UI.

Shift key on the virtual keyboard

The Shift key is only active for the immediately next typed character. After entering an upper-case character, the shift key is automatically deactivated again.

Locally scaled laser in Multiuser

The user now sees the shared lasers of the other participants in a Multiuser session in the same scale (width) as his own laser.

Reflective shader

With the new reflective shader, reflections are displayed in a scene. This makes the scenes and their contents look much more realistic.

Bugfixes & Improvements

Multiuser stability

Refactored object creation (increasing MU stability)
Fixed cases causing missing objects in MU
Fixed the cloning objects functionality in MU
Fixed the 'show collisions' not working from 2nd MU session onwards

Double-sided rendering

This new option in the settings page fixes the following issues that may occur in some scenes:
Invisible walls when seen from inside
Invisible plant leaves when seen from below
Invisible leaves on trees (and missing shadows of trees etc)
Transparency problems for leaves


Fixed the issue of some scenes wouldn't load (alpha-blend shader)​
Fixed the issue of the setting for A/B buttons (vertical movement) not being saved​
Improvements to shader to better handle transparencies
Refactored object creation and insertion for old objects (due to missing bounding boxes) ​
Fixed the issue of the teleport in model view​ being offset incorrectly
Fixed the issue of some scenes being rendered generally too dark​
Removed the white balance in the app settings on the Wall UI

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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