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Standalone VR App: March 23, 2023

Update Version 2023.03.06.179

Functional updates

PIN login functionality and linking VR headset with user account

In the user account settings, you can now link your VR headset to your account via the menu item My VR headsets.

Generate PIN to add new VR goggles to account

You can enter the obtained PIN in the VR app instead of the email/password combination. After that you will be logged in automatically when you open the app.

Use only a PIN code for the first time login

Another advantage is that you can switch even easier from the web view of a scene directly into the VR world.
To do so, select your VR headset from the dropdown list and the scene will be loaded.

Choose the linked VR headset in the dropdown and the scene opens

Option of model view (1:10) as default in VR.

In the settings of the HEGIAS app, you can select the option to start all scenes in the model view. If enabled, the user will start directly in the 1:10 model view when opening a scene. This setting is saved locally on the device.

"Start in Model View" in the settings of the HEGIAS VR app

Bugfixes & Improvements

- Fixed: 3D objects attached to walls sometimes not being positioned correctly
- Fixed: double-side rendering being shown as ON even though it was OFF
- Fixed: a specific missing texture caused scene to not load properly

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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