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Standalone VR App: March 31, 2022

Version 2022.3.2.88 Update

New Features

Multi-User: Participant List

The redesigned multi-user page on the Tablet UI now lists all participants in a multi-user session in real-time, including the speaking indicator icon for each participant. The page also displays feedback to the user, for example when there are no participants in the meeting. See screenshot below.

Multi-User: Teleport-to-user Function

The participant list on the multiuser page now also provides an option for the user to jump to another participant in the session. Clicking on the teleport-to-user button, the user will land at a random position on a circle around the target avatar, at 1.5m distance from that avatar.
N.b.: in this first version of this function, a user cannot yet teleport to another user participating through Webview.

Participant list and teleport-to-user function

Multi-User: Improved establishment of connection

Establishing and handling the connection to a multi-user session has been improved.


Multi-User: Improved Avatar Name Tags

The avatar name tags now have dynamic length, depending on the length of the user name.

Improved avatar name tags

Improved avatar name tags


Bugfixes for scene loading

Two bugs at scene load that regarded missing textures and material fields have been fixed.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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