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Standalone VR App: November 2, 2022

Update Version 154

Functional Updates

Synchronized avatars in Multiuser now also in model view

In multiuser sessions, participants now see each other also when they are in model view. The avatars are scaled up correctly, and appear to the avatars in 1:1 view as giant avatars looking down on the scene.

Upscaled Avatar in a Multi-User Session

Synchronized lasers in Multiuser now also in model view

In multiuser sessions, participants see each others' lasers while they are shared, now also in model view.
The scaling of the shared lasers will be improved soon, the goal is that all shared lasers visible to a user are of same width.

Technical/Architectural Updates

Improved Rendering Performance in the Standalone VR App

With this release we have improved the rendering performance of the Standalone VR App significantly. This greatly improves the user experience and allows for using also casting/streaming again with a much more fluid image.

Support for HTC Vive Focus 3

We have ported our Standalone VR App to the HTC Vive Focus 3.

Bugfixes & Improvements

Fix for a memory leak with loading objects. Now, the memory of the standalone VR device is used in a more optimal way.
Improved handling of the user taking off the VR device during a multi-user session. In the past this was a potential cause for creating problems with MU sessions. Now, the MU session is correctly ended when the user takes off their VR device during a multi-user session.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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