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Standalone VR App: September 30, 2022

Update Version 2022.3.2.144

Functional Updates

Collision Highlighting

This feature - when turned on in the settings page on the VR Tablet - highlights the object that the user pushes around in a scene in red color when the object collides with another object or with the architecture in the scene. In addition to the red highlighting, the VR controller vibrates briefly when a collision is detected.
Some notes to this feature:
Collision highlighting is supported only in Push mode for now
Objects entirely made of glass do not create collisions - if they have non-glass parts, they do

Collision Highlighting

Shared laser pointer in multi-user sessions

A new button on the multiuser page on the VR Tablet (right under the mic button) allows the users in a multiuser session to share their laser pointers in real-time, which will be displayed in a red color. In the 3D Webview the shared laser pointers will be shown but Webview participants can't share their own lasers.

Shared laser pointer in multi-user sessions

Bugfixes and Improvements

The selection between Push and Grab modes is now available also for the left hand controller. The selection is independent from the current mode for the right hand controller.
The VR Tablet UI was tidied up - icon sizes now have the same dimensions and are well aligned again.
Loading a scene by ShareID (after login) without having access to the org now works. The user will keep their info (name/avatar/etc) but will correctly have read-only privileges only.
Improvements to synchronization of objects and materials in multi-user sessions.
Improved handling of disconnecting from a multi-user session when stepping out of the VR guardian, taking off the VR headset, and pressing the power button of the VR headset. This solves issues we had with reconnecting to multi-user after ending a session abruptly with the aforementioned actions.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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