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HEGIAS VR - News from September 15th 2023

Update Version 2023.09.15.218

Functional Update


With the Viewpoints we have developed a new feature so that you can teleport faster and more efficiently to predefined locations in the model. In addition to the position data, a Viewpoint also stores the viewing direction and the scale of the model. You can find the Viewpoints via the flag symbol on the virtual tablet. You can create a new Viewpoint by clicking on the plus symbol at the bottom right. Then take a screenshot at the desired location in the model in the selected viewing direction and the Viewpoint is automatically saved. If you want to teleport back to this Viewpoint at a later time, you only need to click on the corresponding screenshot on your virtual tablet. In this way, you can jump from Viewpoint to Viewpoint with just one click and guide builders or other stakeholders efficiently and easily through the model.

After you have created a new Viewpoint,
you can change the position in the Viewpoint list using the small arrow keys
you can remove individual Viewpoints from the list
one of them can be marked with a star, which means that you select it as the starting position for the scene (note: the 3D WebView does not have Viewpoints integration - there, the starting point of the scene is still the position where you are when you click on the "Save Scene" button).

Each Point of Interest has a unique Viewpoint number that never changes. This means that all Viewpoints keep their number even if you re-sort the list. Unlike the BCF function, the Viewpoints are stored in our own database, a connection to a third-party service is not required here.


Starting point: If the starting point in a scene is in the air, the user is no longer placed on the nearest ground, but starts in the air.
Display of glass: The reflection, which occurred with the material glass, was improved significantly.


Notes on key assignment: The labels on the left controller have been corrected and are now displayed correctly.
Double-Sided Rendering: Describes the property whether an object is rendered from both sides or only from one side. This option can be activated or deactivated in the settings. This switching on and off did not always work for some users, but could be fixed with this update.
Use of AssetBundles: Optimisation when placing new objects in a scene. AssetBundles are used by HEGIAS to visualise a scene more quickly. Their use had led to problems when saving and reopening scenes, but is now fixed.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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