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Meta Account

This section explains how to set up a Meta Account to use the Meta Quest 2 & Meta Quest Pro.

Create a Meta Account

The Meta Account is used to log into the VR headset and the Meta Quest app/website. Visit to begin creating your Meta Account.

When creating a Meta Account, you have the following options:
Continue with Facebook
Continue with Instagram
Set up account with email

If you already have an Meta Account you can use it to sign up. If you have previously linked your Meta Account to your Facebook Account, you can remove your Facebook Account during the setup process. This will keep your Facebook Account separate from your VR usage.

Meta Account Options

After choosing your login option, follow the steps to create and finalize your Meta Account.

Logging in to the VR headset

After creating a Meta Account, you can connect it to your VR headset. After starting your VR headset, you will be prompted to follow the steps below:
Remove headset
Go to on mobile or desktop
When prompted, enter the code shown in your VR headset

Follow these steps to connect your VR headset to your Meta Account.

Connect to VR Headset

After successfully connecting your VR headset to your Meta Account, you will be able to use your VR headset. All purchased applications and settings will now be displayed in your Meta Account.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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