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The following article explains how to stream the image from your virtual reality glasses to a screen.

Meta Quest 2 & Meta Quest Pro
Oculus has detailed instructions for streaming content from the Oculus Quest 2 to other devices on the Meta Quest support page: Streaming with Meta Quest 2 & Quest Pro

There are 3 ways to stream to a screen - depending on the use case:
Streaming to an internet browser (use the Google Chrome browser for this) at
Streaming to a mobile device using the Oculus app. (App Store or Google Play)
Streaming to a TV/Screen using Chromecast device (e.g. Google Chromecast)

HTC Vive Focus 3
HTC has also published a detailed tutorial on their website: Streaming with HTC Vive Focus 3
Prerequisite for the described streaming is that your end device supports Miracast
If this is not the case, the alternative is to use a Vive Streaming Cable. The following instructions from HTC can be consulted for this purpose: Streaming with the Vive Streaming Cable:

Pico 4 & Pico 4 Business
Pico (ByteDance) also offers the possibility to stream content from the Pico 4 and the Pico 4 Enterprise to any screen. There are no instructions for this on the official website, so we have listed the steps below.
Go to the "Quick Settings" icon at the bottom right of the dock on the start screen
Click on the "Screencast" icon in the middle of the tab there.
From here, you have three different choices: "Smart TV", "Broadcast to Browser" or "Broadcast to Mobile"
Subsequently, the screen will display the steps to be taken until the streaming is successful.
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