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Web VR Setup

This application can still be used, but is no longer being developed.

This section explains how to set up the Web VR feature for Firefox using the Oculus Software as an example.

Virtual Reality Device

Connect your Oculus Device to your computer via USB-cable and open the Oculus Software.

Go to Settings and under General enable the "Unknown Sources" option.


To use Web VR you need the Firefox webbrowser (at least version 101.0.1).
Open a new browser tab, type about:config and enter.

Search for vr.enable. Switch dom.vr.enabled to True using the arrows on the right.

Go to your desired HEGIAS-Scene and allow to reach virtual reality devices.

Alternatively you can add to the list of websites with virtual reality permissions inside the VR-settings tab.

In the Web-view of your scene you can now press the VR-button on the bottom right to start Web VR.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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