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Help for your HEGIAS VR Windows Application (Showroom)

The following article explains the setup of a HEGIAS VR Showroom application. To follow this tutorial, make sure your computer has the recommended performance. If you have any questions about the hardware recommendations, please read the Hardware Recommendations section first.

Additionally, the Oculus Rift Software must be installed on your computer and you must be signed in with your Meta Account on both your computer and your VR Headset.

Table of Contents:
How to start your HEGIAS VR Showroom
Hardware Recommendations
Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

How to start your HEGIAS VR Showroom

Turn on your VR headset and start the Oculus Rift on your computer

Make sure that your computer and VR headset are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

On your VR headset, navigate to the quick settings

Quick Settings

Select "Quest Link"

Quest Link

Make sure that "Enabling Air Link" is checked

Select your computer from the list of computers and click on pair.

Quest Link Menu

If you're connecting your VR headset to your computer for the first time, confirm the code displayed on your VR glasses and your computer.

Confirm Pairing Code

Click on "Launch" to connect your VR headset with the computer.

Launch Quest Link

Once you are in the Rift Menu environment, your VR headset is connected to the computer.

Rift Menu

Note: Your VR headset is now connected to the computer. You can start your HEGIAS Showroom from both your VR headset and your computer.
Tip: For an optimal usage experience, we recommend charging your VR headset when not in use and increasing the standby mode to 4 hours (see Frequently Asked Questions).

Hardware Recommendations

For optimal use of the HEGIAS Showroom, we recommend a high-performance computer. In addition, the HEGIAS Showroom application is designed to be operated both with a mouse and keyboard and via touch inputs.

For the best experience, we recommend the following specifications
Graphics card - at least Nvidia 2080ti, preferably an Nvidia 4080
Ram - At least 6GB
Screen - A screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 is sufficient
VR headset - Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro

Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see the Questlink menu?
If you don't see the Questlink menu in your VR headset, navigate to the settings and search for "Quest Link". Press "Activate Air Link".

I can't see my computer in the Questlink menu?
Make sure that your VR headset and your computer are in the same Wi-Fi network.
Restart the Oculus application on your computer
Restart your glasses, using the power button on the right side.

As soon as my VR headset is connected to the computer, the picture gets bad
If the image on your VR headset becomes blurry after connecting it to your computer via Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi connection is not good enough. Try connecting your VR headset to your computer with a cable.
Alternatively, you can use another Wi-Fi or a hotspot to connect your VR headset to the computer.

Do I have to reconnect my VR headset every time I use it?
If you don't want to reconnect your VR headset every time you use it, you can adjust the auto-standby setting.
Navigate to the settings on your VR headset
Search for "Auto-Standby" and increase the minimum time to 4 hours.

Standby Mode

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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