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HEGIAS VR App Settings

The following article explains the HEGIAS VR App settings. You can reach the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the lobby:

Texture Quality

Affects the texture resolutions of the materials in your scene.
Select 1 - Half or 2 - Quarter if your scene isn't running smoothly in VR or if you get a RAM error message.

Level Of Detail

Affects the geometry in your scene.
Select Medium or Low for very large and complex scenes.

Post-Process Effects

Graphical settings that visually affect the image.
These Post-Process Effects can visually enhance the image, but have a negative impact on performance.
Disable the effects if your scene isn't running smoothly in VR.


Double Sided Rendering: When active, the back side of all polygons will also be rendered. Activate this option if you discover unwanted gaps in your scene or if even whole components are missing.
Production and Stage Server: The Stage Server is for HEGIAS support and internal testing. Therefore please always activate Production Server.
Show Controller Hints: Show the functions on your VR controllers.

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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