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In the following section you will learn how to import your AutoCAD model to the HEGIAS platform.

HEGIAS supports the vendor-independent BIM format and the most widely used 3D CAD formats for architectural, building and construction plans. A full list of supported file formats can be found here.

This article shows our recommended settings for IFC export from AutoCAD Architecture 2021. These settings serve as an example and may vary from project to project.

Note: In order to export IFC files with AutoCAD, you need AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP. For more information, see the AUTODESK Knowledge Network (EN).

IFC Export

Open the export dialog under AutoCAD > Export > IFC

Define the export settings:

As a rule, you can accept the suggested options and start the export with the _*Export**_ button.
Alternatively, you can use **Options...** to further specify the export via the IFC Export Options. We recommend exporting in an IFC2x3 scheme.
If the order of your floors is not correct, you can adjust it in the table under _IFC Structure_. You can also exclude unwanted floors from the export using the checkbox.
Detailed help on the IFC export from ARCHICAD can be found in the AUTODESK Knowledge Network (EN).

Click the **Export** button to close the export dialogue and create the IFC file.

The exported IFC file is now available for import into HEGIAS.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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