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In the following section you will learn how to import your ArchiCAD model into HEGIAS VR.

HEGIAS supports the vendor-independent BIM format and the most widely used 3D CAD formats for architectural, building and construction plans. A complete list of supported file formats can be found here.

This article shows our recommended settings for IFC and FBX export from ArchiCAD 24. These settings are provided as an example and may vary from project to project. For newer versions, the steps may differ slightly from the following steps, but on the whole they have not changed.

IFC Export

The IFC file format is suitable for a quick and uncomplicated upload on HEGIAS VR. Due to the BIM model information, the model can be easily classified and correctly recognized. Material information, on the other hand, is only saved in text form and must first be created via the HEGIAS library so that it also appears automatically in HEGIAS VR after the export.

Open the export dialog under File > Save as....

Define the export settings:

Export: Select which elements you want to export.
Translator: We recommend the default General Export.
Alternatively, you can use Options... to further specify the export using the IFC backup options. We recommend exporting in an IFC2x3 schema.
Save as Type: IFC File
For detailed help on ARCHICAD IFC export, please refer to the GRAPHISOFT Help Center.

The Save button closes the export dialog and creates the IFC file.

The exported IFC file is now available for Import on HEGIAS VR.

FBX Export

The FBX format can be used for the export of already materialized models.

Note: FBX exports can be generated from ArchiCAD with version 27 (2023). However, this is not possible in the two previous versions.

Open the export dialog under File > Save as...

Select the file format (*.fbx)

Select the options Don't Merge and Textures Export to Folder
Click the Ok button to close the export dialog and create the FBX file

The exported FBX file is now ready for Import on HEGIAS VR and will be already materialized after the upload.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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