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The HEGIAS VR-CMS - Overview

1. Organization

In the "Welcome Area" are demo scenes that you can visit. You do not need a subscription for this. If you want to upload and edit projects yourself, you have to belong to an organization. Either you create one yourself - this requires a subscription - or you are invited/added to one. You can belong to more than one organization. To get to know the functions of HEGIAS, select the organization "Welcome". There you will find demo scenes and tutorials.

2. Project

A project is the next hierarchy level after the organization. If you belong to an organization and have the appropriate permissions, you can create and edit projects here.

3. Scene

Within a project you can create scenes. Here you upload, inspect, edit and share your 3D plans.

4. Library

In the library you will find 3D objects such as furniture, accessories, etc. as well as materials that you can use in a scene. You can upload objects and materials yourself, choosing whether they are for the public or private and only visible within for your organization.

5. Settings

Admin Organization: Besides the data about the organization, you can change the permissions of the team members and invite new ones. You can also see and upgrade your current subscription.
My Account: All settings for your personal HEGIAS user account.

6. Project overview

Shows which project you are currently in. You can edit it by clicking on the image.

7. Add new

Click on the plus to create a new project or upload a new scene (More info on importing a scene).

8. Sort

Change the order of projects and scenes.

Search for projects and scenes.

10. Scene

Click into the image to open a scene. The browser view will open first, from which you can easily enter the VR.

11. Project and scene management

With these three dots you can delete, copy move, rename, change the description as well as add tags to the projects/scenes.

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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