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Manage Projects

For each project, the members and their access rights can be managed per individual project. To do this, they must first be added to the "Organisation".

Members with the role Owner or Admin have access to all projects in the organisation by default. Users with the roles Senior, Junior and Guest must be explicitly added to new projects. This means you can freely decide which people have access to your projects. You can manage this as follows:

Click on "Admin Organisation" and "Projects" to get an overview of all projects and their members.

Click on the name of the project to see all members with access rights, to adjust their roles, to remove someone's access or to add another member.

With "Add member" you can select an existing organisation member from the list and select a role to give the member access to the project.

Tip: What do the different roles mean and what rights do they have? You can find information on this in the support article Permissions.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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