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Create an Organisation

Once you have created your own HEGIAS user account, you can create an organisation. In your organisation you can create projects and upload your own 3D data to HEGIAS.

Creating your own organisation requires a subscription. For your personal offer, please contact us via the following form.

The following article explains the process of creating an organization step by step.

Log in on with your personal account.

First select Welcome on the top left and then click + Create.

Select the subscription you want and click continue.

Enter the required Information for your organisation.

Choose a name and URL for your organization. The name you choose will be used as the display name on HEGIAS (1), and the URL will become part of your HEGIAS organization's web address (2): www. example

Select the desired payment method

Check your entries and confirm them with the Create Organization button.

Next steps:
You can now create your own project and upload your own 3D models to HEGIAS.
You can invite more members to your organization.
You can add your own objects and materials to your library.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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