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Manage the Organisation

The following article explains how to manage the members of your organization. As the owner and admin of an organization, you have access to the management of your organization. To do this, go to the desired organization (1) and select Admin Organization (2) and then Members (3) in the top right dropdown menu under your name.

From here you can now perform the following actions:

Add a new team member: Select the + icon and enter the name and email address of the desired person. Also, select which permission to assign to the person. The number of members you can add to your organization depends on the subscription level. By default, HEGIAS Support also has access to your organization. However, members with a HEGIAS email address (e.g. do not affect the maximum number of members per organization.

Edit the permission of an existing member: Use the pencil icon to assign a new role to a member.

Remove a team member from the organization: You can delete an existing member from the organization by using the paper tray icon.

Under Organization you can view and customize the information of your HEGIAS organization.

Under Projects you get an overview of all projects and the access rights of the added members.

Under Subscription you can view the information about your current subscription.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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