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In HEGIAS there are different user profiles that define the usage rights of a subscriber of the HEGIAS platform. The user profiles are explained below.


As a guest, a user can view content but not modify it. Users of a HEGIAS subscription can invite any number of people to view their objects on the HEGIAS platform as guests. Every user of a HEGIAS subscription is himself automatically a guest in the Welcome Organization, where sample scenes and sample apartments can be explored.


As a Junior, a user can use all the basic functions of the HEGIAS platform. Scenes, objects and materials can be viewed, edited, created and copied. All changes made to a scene are saved as a copy. The original scene cannot be overwritten by a junior.

In addition, he/she can invite guests to view objects on the HEGIAS platform, for which an invitation link must be created.


As a senior, a user can, in addition to the permissions of a junior, overwrite an original scene without creating a copy of this scene. 


As an admin, a user has administrative rights in addition to the permissions of a senior. An admin can add people to organizations and assign them user profiles.


As an owner, in addition to the permissions of an admin, a user can delete organizations, edit account information, and manage their subscription.

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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