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SketchUp Pro

In the following section, the export from SketchUp 2019 Pro, a file suitable for HEGIAS, is explained step by step. Afterwards, this file is ready for import into HEGIAS.

Click on the following menu item:

File -> Export -> 3D Model...

Now choose a suitable name and format for the file to be exported.

When choosing the format you have the following options:

COLLADA File (*.dae)
FBX File (*.fbx)
OBJ File (*.obj)
IFC File (*.ifc)

We recommend saving the file as COLLADA file. You can find more information about the supported file formats here.

Now confirm the export with the button "Export".
In the following dialogue click on "Options...".

In the options, deactivate the menu item "Preserve Component Hierarchies".

Now you can import the exported file into HEGIAS.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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