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Creating Viewpoints with HEGIAS.editor (Webview)

The following section explains how you can create and manage viewpoints in the HEGIAS.editor (Webview).

Note: Click here for the support article for creating viewpoints directly via the HEGIAS.simulator (VR Headset)

1. What are Viewpoints?

Viewpoints are a feature developed to allow you to teleport to predefined locations in the model more quickly and efficiently. In addition to the position data, a viewpoint also saves the viewing direction and the scale of the model. To put it simply, this function can be used to save individual viewpoints of the model.

2. Overview

Viewpoints are always created for a single scene. First, navigate to any scene in your organisation for which you want to create or edit viewpoints and open it in your preferred browser. You will then find the ‘Viewpoints’ tab in the bottom right-hand window. If viewpoints have already been created at a previous point in time, they will be displayed there.

3. Creating and managing Viewpoints

All viewpoints can be edited individually. As soon as the mouse is hovered over a viewpoint, the options for the individual viewpoint are displayed, which are available for editing.

Add: Create new viewpoints (To do this, open a scene in HEGIAS.editor (Webview) and then move to any position to create a new viewpoint using the 'Plus Icon')
Edit name: Viewpoints can be named individually (such as ‘Starting Point’ or ‘Lounge Area’)
Adjust the order: The order can be adjusted using the arrow symbols
Delete: Remove existing viewpoints

Each viewpoint has a unique viewpoint number that never changes. This means that all viewpoints retain their number, even if you re-sort the list. In contrast to the BCF function, the viewpoints are stored in our own database; a connection to a third-party service is not required here.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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