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Navigator: Functions

In this section, the individual functions of the Navigator are explained in detail. As we are continuously expanding the navigator, this article will be adapted and expanded on an ongoing basis.

Note: You can access the introductory article on the HEGIAS.navigator here: Introduction & overview of the HEGIAS.navigator

1. Overview

Reload Scene: If you do not operate the navigator for longer than one minute, live rendering is automatically interrupted. The scene can then be reloaded using this button.
Exit Navigator: This button is used to exit the view in the Navigator.
Viewpoints: The viewpoints can be accessed via this tab. These must first be created either in the HEGIAS.simulator (VR Headset) or in the HEGIAS.editor (Webview).
Light & Time: The time can be precisely defined here for each month.
Perspective: This button can be used to switch to the model view (bird's eye view) and back to the first-person view (normal perspective).
Fullscreen Mode

2. Navigation

Left Mouse Button: Teleport by double-clicking
Right Mouse Button: Zoom
Arrow Keys/WASD keys: Dynamic horizontal movement
EQ Keys: Dynamic vertical movement

3. Viewpoints

Created viewpoints can be controlled via the ‘Viewpoints (3)’ tab. However, as already described, these must be created in the HEGIAS.simulator (VR Headset) or in the HEGIAS.editor (Webview).

4. Light & Time

In the ‘Light & Time (4)’ tab, you will find the settings for lights & shadows. This function can be used to carry out shadow studies for the respective scene. On the one hand, there is the option of selecting a specific month and, on the other, the time can be defined to the nearest ten minutes.

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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