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Navigator: Introduction & Overview

With the HEGIAS.navigator, you can independently create a walk-through and realistic 3D rendering in just a few minutes. Thanks to cloud computing and ray tracing, this browser-based 3D visualisation is calculated in real time and transferred to any end device such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer via pixel streaming. Below you will find all the important information about our latest product.

Note: For explanations on how to use the HEGIAS.navigator, visit the support page functions of the HEGIAS.navigator

Visualisation of the Lokstadt Halls

Stand-alone Features

Independent upload of 3D models
Dynamic editing of the scene
Use of cloud computing, ray tracing & pixel streaming
Simulation of light and shadow
Creation of any number of renderings
Can be shared with third parties without specific software or hardware requirements
Can be visualised on any end device (mobile, tablet, notebook)

The most important areas of application for the HEGIAS.navigator include project acquisition, client meetings, marketing, stakeholder presentations and investor meetings.

Example Scene

Lokstad Halls in Winterthur: Lokstadt-Halls

Tip: Would you like to test the HEGIAS.navigator with your own 3D models or activate it directly for your existing organisation? Then click on the conversation button at the bottom right of this screen and send us an enquiry.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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