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The organization represents the top level of the workspace in the HEGIAS Cloud to which your company has been assigned to after purchasing a HEGIAS subscription.

For better orientation, each organization is given a name defined by the Owner of the organization. 


The owner of an organization determines which people are granted access to the organization and what permissions each person with access has. Access-authorized persons are referred to as members of the organization. 


The workspace of your organization is divided into projects. A project is a folder for any number of scenes.


The scene is a version of an object model. An object model can be a real estate plan or a model of any object - for example, a sculpture. Scenes can be viewed, edited, and in the case of a real estate plan, walked on by people with access rights. You can also share scenes with people who are not members of your organization, i.e. invite them to view or walk through a scene.
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